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Selling Highly-Appreciated Assets

If you plan to sell highly-appreciated assets or pass them on as your legacy to your family, there are tax strategies which can help protect you and your family—and your business—from excess taxation. In conjunction with your CPA or accountant as well as your estate attorney, Tremblay Financial Services can help you design and implement tax-advantaged plans which may include one or more of the many different types of trusts or tax strategies which might be indicated in your particular situation.

Real Estate

California is known for its high real estate values, especially In the Santa Barbara area. The high tax exemption amount of approximately $13.61 million per person in 2024 will drop back down to an estimated $6 million per person for the 2026 tax year, so the time to plan for rising estate taxes is now. Depending on your goals, there are trusts that can potentially help.

Land / Agricultural Farmland

If you own land, maybe a winery or a farm, there are special tax breaks that may apply to you. We can help you design your estate plan depending on whether you want to sell outright, or transfer your property to heirs or business partners in the most tax-advantaged way possible.

Selling a Business

If you plan to retire by selling your business, once again there are many tax-advantaged ways to do this depending on your situation. We can also help you develop an efficient plan to sell a business to your family members or business partners.

Collectibles / Collections

If you collect vintage cars, wine, art, or you own any highly-appreciated assets, there may be ways for you to sell or transfer them in a tax-advantaged manner. This can make a huge difference to you and/or the recipient/s.

Other Tax Planning


You own large traditional IRA or 401(k) accounts:

Even though you think that you have saved up a lot of money in retirement accounts, with these traditional (as opposed to Roth) accounts, remember that they are tax-deferred. In fact, you will owe ordinary income taxes on amounts you withdraw, which you must do annually beginning at age 73. And, surprise! You will probably even have to pay taxes on your Social Security benefits as an estimated 40% of Americans do. It’s important to work with a financial advisor to see if a series of Roth conversions or charitable strategies might lower your tax burden.

You are a non-spouse who has inherited traditional IRA and 401(k) accounts:

The original SECURE Act which took effect in 2019 eliminated the so-called “stretch IRA.” Now non-spouses who’ve inherited a taxable retirement account from a parent must take annual RMDs (required minimum distributions) and empty the accounts within 10 years of inheritance. This can mean an enormous tax burden unless advance tax planning is done to see if there are strategies that can help.

You are a highly-compensated individual:

In 2024, if you make $155,000 or more, you are considered a highly-compensated individual by the IRS. Charitable contributions, deferred income, additional 401(k) contributions, and other strategies may help you depending on your unique situation.

Gifts using current tax laws:

In addition to the sunset of the current high estate tax exclusion, the high lifetime gift tax exemption rate is also ending. For 2024, the lifetime gift tax exemption is $13.61 million, but this will be decreased beginning January 1, 2026 to an estimated $6 million, indexed for inflation.

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Tremblay’s Tax-Planning Institute

At Tremblay Financial Services, we know that it’s not just about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you KEEP. That’s where tax planning comes in. We zero in on financially protecting what you have worked hard to earn and build, designing tax mitigation strategies in conjunction with your CPA and attorney to help protect your assets from unnecessary taxation using all legal ways possible.

If you are selling a highly-appreciated asset, we will work in collaboration with your CPA and attorney, or we can provide these important experts from our network.

Our process includes analyzing tax strategies used successfully for decades by investors who have faced high taxation on assets they sold, and working with your team to examine what might be best for you in light of your particular goals and situation.

Importantly, many tax bombs are on the horizon for people who own large traditional 401(k) and IRA accounts. We want to work with you during the five to 10 years BEFORE you retire to see if a series of Roth conversions or other tax strategies might help you retire with less paid to the IRS, and more spendable income for you. We will also look at ways you may pass along tax-advantaged wealth to your heirs.

Let’s talk about how you can disinherit the IRS and keep more of your hard-earned money for yourself and your family!


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Our proprietary approach to investing, called the TRIAD, diversifies your investment portfolio into three categories: safe, income, and growth. This approach has a greater chance of providing you a cushion during times when the market is performing poorly.

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