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Main Office

3902 State Street, Suite 101
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Office: 805.569.1982
Toll-Free: 888.569.1982
Fax: 805.569.5767

Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sat: By Appointment

Tremblay Financial Services was established in 1997 in beautiful Santa Barbara. Just 92 miles north of Los Angeles, we enjoy our view of the Santa Ynez Mountains every day, and our region is proudly becoming known as one of the best wine producing areas in the world. Through the years, our community has become our friends and family. We are committed to providing top-notch financial advisory and retirement services, and we are proud that our Santa Barbara community has seen fit to grant us multiple awards for our work throughout the decades.

Santa Maria Office

204 E. Enos
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Office: 805.569.1982
Toll-Free: 888.569.1982
Fax: 805.569.5767

By Appointment Only

About Santa Maria

A few years ago, Tremblay Financial Services headed up a bit north of Santa Barbara to open up an office in Santa Maria, California. We love wineries, strawberries and Santa Maria barbecue, but most of all, we love our clients who live in this incredible area. Please set up a complimentary appointment with us to discuss your financial and retirement plan!

Westlake Village Office

32129 Lindero Canyon Road Suite 107
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Office: 805.569.1982
Toll-Free: 888.569.1982
Fax: 805.569.5767

By Appointment Only

About Westlake Village

Tremblay Financial Services set up offices in Westlake Village CA in 2014 in order to better serve our clients located in Los Angeles, just an hour away from Santa Barbara depending on traffic. With its gorgeous walking paths and incredible bike trails, we love our Westlake Village location and invite you to set up an appointment with us. Consultations are complimentary!

Nashville Office

73 White Bridge Road Suite G-1
Nashville, TN 37205

Office: (615) 432-5515
Toll-Free: 888.569.1982
Fax: 805.569.5767


About Nashville

Tremblay Financial Services is proud to open our newest location in Nashville, Tennessee. We believe in thinking “out of the box” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to investing and preserving wealth. If you are visiting our office, although our address is technically ‘White Bridge,’ the easiest way to find our location is to enter on a street near the corner of the retail center called ‘Brookwood Terrace.’ There is ample parking there.

Our Investment Approach

Our proprietary approach to investing, called the TRIAD, diversifies your investment portfolio into three categories: safe, income, and growth. This approach has a greater chance of providing you a cushion during times when the market is performing poorly.

Our Approach

The Top 3 Retirement Concerns

Will I Have Enough Money?

Will I Be Able to Afford Healthcare?

Will I Be Able to Maintain My Lifestyle, Independence and Legacy?

Learn About Our Solutions

Benefits Of Working With Tremblay Financial Services

  1. The people we meet with come away with a clear picture of where their financial health is at and a road map that spells out their financial goals and how to tackle the 3 big retirement concerns.
  1. We hand our clients “The Triad”—our proven code for successful investing, even during challenging periods of market volatility.
  1. Our clients can rest easy knowing they’re supported by a financial team that’s been in business for nearly three decades and has been voted among the best financial advisors in Santa Barbara.

Attend an Event

We routinely host educational workshops, seminars and webinars that offer solutions to our clients’ most common problems. We’d love for you to join us.


Watch Our Webinars

We took some of the most important financial and retirement topics and created webinars to help explain them. Watch our past webinars here.


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