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Even celebrities have estate planning issues after they pass, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Prince…the list goes on. We’ve all seen how a lack of proper planning by the rich and famous can end up with surviving family members locked in very expensive, messy, public estate court battles.

But it’s not just celebrities who need estate planning—almost everyone does. If you own any property, have any family members, or care about what happens to you medically if you are unable to speak for yourself, you need an estate plan. Don’t leave a pile of papers for your family to sort through, and months spent in expensive probate court proceedings that will decide everything for you.

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Who Will Inherit The Mess

There may be a reason you don’t you have an estate plan in place already. From this chart, you can see that a big portion of the estate struggles families face can be attributed to poor communication between children and parents. It’s not unusual to want to avoid conversations about death or illness, but don’t let that stop you. In fact, a trusted, qualified financial advisor can make a huge difference and can “play quarterback” to help your whole family through the planning process.

Speaking of trusted, qualified professionals, in many cases, people try to get their estate planning affairs in order, but the so-called “professionals” they hire to get the job done simply drop the ball. If you’ve met financial advisors who are just out to sell something, or tax professionals and estate attorneys who may not be aware of all the advanced tax strategies that can help your loved ones inherit more, we invite you to experience the Tremblay Financial Services difference.


About Tremblay Financial Services

Tremblay Financial Services was established in 1997 in Santa Barbara. Our approach to estate planning involves creating a team around you which includes your financial advisor, your accountant or CPA, and your estate attorney. Your Tremblay advisor functions as your quarterback, and brings the “plays” or tax-advantaged estate planning strategies to the table that may help your family inherit more, then in conjunction with your accountant and attorney, help ensure that everything in the plan is executed correctly. If you need them, we can introduce you to accountants and attorneys in our network.
Estate planning specifies what will happen if you pass away or become incapacitated, and creating your estate plan involves understanding your desires and then utilizing tax and financial strategies that lead to a written estate plan and legal documents that spell everything out. Preserving, protecting and passing on your wealth to your loved ones in the most efficient manner available under the law—and protecting you if you become incapacitated—are what guides us in developing your estate plan, executing it, and keeping it up to date in conjunction with your CPA and attorney.

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Who Will Inherit The Mess

If you suddenly found yourself in an emergency room unable to speak for yourself, do you have a healthcare directive in place that will allow physicians to administer the treatment you want, such as treatment for pain? This is a critical part of your estate plan—literally!
If you have an estate plan, is it up to date? Do you have more children now, or a new spouse? Will your ex inherit everything because your estate plan still leaves everything to them?
Do you own property, including real estate, collectibles, jewelry, automobiles, planes, equipment or ownership in a business? You may need a specialized trust to avoid paying Uncle Sam too much!

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