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About Michael Morando

A former flight instructor and American Airlines pilot, Michael has been a financial advisor with Tremblay Financial since 2012. In that time, Michael has helped countless clients achieve a financial peace of mind that reflects their hopes and dreams.

What sets Michael apart from many other advisors is his passion for being the first point of contact for ALL of his clients’ financial decisions, not just retirement planning. Whether it’s buying or leasing a car, purchasing or renting a 2nd vacation home, or financially supporting adult children, Michael thrives on helping families make responsible financial decisions without losing sight of their goals.


Michael’s greatest passion lies in estate planning and his custom strategy he calls “Who Will Inherit The Mess?” Far too often, younger generations find themselves inheriting an estate in disarray when their parents pass away. Michael strives to lay out detailed plans which will minimize the tax implications and maximize the legacy and wealth that’s passed down to the next generation. When it comes to inheriting the mess, Michael believes that anyone can build a successful strategy for their children, regardless of wealth status.

Michael has lived in Santa Barbara for the last 33 years. A 4th generation Santa Barbarian, he and his wife, Marta, have been married since 1992 and have 4 grown children. In addition to helping families achieve their financial goals, he also serves the community by supporting organizations like AYSO, the Page Youth Center, the Santa Barbara Soccer Club and Compassion International.

BS in Marketing and Salesforce Management / University of Idaho

Series 7, 66

CA Insurance License #0I16031

Michael Morando offers securities and advisory services for residents of CA through Centaurus Financial, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

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Our proprietary approach to investing, called the TRIAD, diversifies your investment portfolio into three categories: safe, income, and growth. This approach has a greater chance of providing you a cushion during times when the market is performing poorly.

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  1. Our clients can rest easy knowing they’re supported by a financial team that’s been in business for 25 years and won multiple Reader’s Choice awards as the best financial advisor in Santa Barbara.

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